Military Emergency First Aid Kit Bag Survival Tool Set - Camouflage Green
Military Emergency First Aid Kit Bag Survival Tool Set - Camouflage Green

5 x 400cm) - 1 x Elastic Bandage (5 x 400cm) - 1 x Medical adhesive tape - 2 x Medical cotton balls (bag) - 1 x Clips (bag) - 1 x Mouth-to-mouth breathing mask - 1 x Disposable triangular bandage (96 x 96 x 135cm) - 1 x Snap-on tourniquet - 1 x Oxford cloth carrying bag - 1 x Chinese manual.Can timely handle unexpected emergencies - Great for outdoor and indoor use - Package includes: - 1 x Scissors - 1 x Tweezers - 2 x Adhesive bandages (70 x 18mm / 2-bag) - 2 x Swabs (bag) - 4 x Gauze bandages (5 x 7cm / 2 piece per bag) - 4 x Gauze bandages (8 x 10cm / 2 piece per bag) - 2 x Self-adhesive wound dressing (6 x 7cm) - 1 x PBT Bandage (7

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